Tension Release

We have put together a very special massage oil. A product developed by our Remedial Massage Therapist to assist in boosting circulation, releasing muscular tension and providing a sense of focus. The essential oil blend has anti inflamatory benefits also assisting to reduce joint and muscle pain. We have received feedback it is helpful for tension headaches and migrains.

This muscle relaxant has a beautiful and fresh aroma with the perfect level of friction and absorption. This maximises use and minimises excess oil on the skin. There is no need to towel oil off when you’re finished. The minimal excess will absorb in and continue doing the job long after the massage has finished.

Suitable for all styles of massage from Deep Tissue and Sports Therapies to Relaxation or Swedish Massage. Also great for travelling, to reduce discomfort from sitting in the same position for long periods of time. This is attributed to the circulation boosting element of the Essential Oils. 

Non professionals giving that all important neck and shoulder or foot massage at the end of a long day are finding the Tension Release Massage Oil ideal as it has a pleasant aroma and assists in relaxing built up tension from everyday stresses.


Essential and Base Oils: Cypress French, Lemon Australian, Grapefruit Pink, Juniperberry, Lavender True, Almond, Sunflower, Soya Bean, Vitamin E and Rosemary.

It's wonderful benefits are due to the Essential Oils we use. They are listed below with an explanation of why each oil was chosen.

Cypress French Oil: Strengthens overburdened nervous system and helps restore calm. It Increases blood circulation and is an antispasmodic.

Lemon Australian Oil: Anti rheumatic and anti spasmodic, It relieves muscular pain and water retention and is an excellent tonic for the circulatory system.

Grapefruit Pink Oil: This oil is a Lymphatic stimulant and is fantastic for water retention. It Is valuable for treating stress and nervous exhaustion and is recommended for lethargy and relieves tension.

Juniperberry Oil: Helpful for sore, aching muscles as it is warming and stimulating for the muscles and Invigorates circulation. It's particularly beneficial for cold hands and feet.

Lavender True Oil: Relieves muscular aches and pains and has a harmonising effect on the nervous system. It is known to relieve cramps and irritability. and assists with the treatment of insomnia, anxiety and stress.


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